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About SpeSew

SPESEW( ROBIN INDUSTRY CO.,LIMITED) is a trusted professional industrial special sewing machine supplier, our main products are different kinds of industrial sewing machines, especially side wall sole stitching machine, master insole stitching machine, master outsole stitching machine and so on.
Ever since established, it brings its design and products quality in line with international practice.To meet the high demands of the international guests, we successfully developed the new style industrial special sewing machine. many main performance parameters reach the industry advanced level.
Up to now, we have exported USA, UK, Canada, Poland, Mexico,Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria,Singapore, Kuwait, Sri Lanka,Oman,Cameroom and etc. Many clients all over the world, even the best-known companies in the word.
To make it famous brand in international industrial sewing machine industry, there is a long way to go, we will do it!