Goodyear Shoes Bonding Cloth Welt Machine


Sewing the shoes type
sewing shoes
1. Product Parameter:

Sewing speed: Stepless speed regulating

Welt: Clothcover welt

Warm electrothermal: 400W/220V

Warm wind electrothermal: 500W/220V

Motor: 750W/220V/50-60HZ

Net weight: 118Kg

Domestic packing gross weight: 148Kg

Domestic packing parameter: 107*64*169(L*W*H) cm

Exported packing gross weight: 180Kg

Exported packing parameter: 95*66*176(L*W*H) cm

2. Characteristics:

1. Suitableto make cloth the welt andwelladhesive bonding live, is the key equipment of medium bottom shoe making for Goodyear flow .

2. All parts were manufactured by HAAS CNC machines, which are ofhigh precision.

3. The machine is able to complete the chain motion via PLC, which is set to control the pneumatic components, and it is also able to cut cloth welt automatically.

4. Incubators were set to preheat the cloth welt.

5. Adopting servo motor, speed can be flexible.

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