Vertical Shoes Insole Penetrating Stitching Machine


Sewing the shoes type
sewing shoes sewing shoes
1. Product Parameter:

Sewing speed: Stepless speed regulating

Stitch: Single chain

Stitch length: 5-15mm

Sewing thickness: 5-15mm

Sewing needle: Straight hook needle(270#)

Motor: 750W/ 220V one-phase /50-60Hz

Net weight: 274Kg

Domestic packing gross weight: 312Kg

Domestic packing parameter: 86*100*175(L*W*H) cm

Exported packing gross weight: 350Kg

Exported packing parameter: 83*103*176(L*W*H) cm

2. Characteristics:

1. Vulcanized shoes insole penetrating sewing machines are suitable for various kinds of leather shoes, cloth shoes upper and insole through seam processing, especially suitable for sulfide shoes vamp and insole processing.

2.All parts of Vertical insole penetrating sewing machines were manufactured by HAAS CNC machines,which are of high precision .

3. Cloth shoes vertical insole penetrating sewing machines use electronic speed motors, the speed is flexible, stopping the needle position via computer control.

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